Woodcut illustration from Kuchenmaistrey, the first printed cookbook in German, 1485

Spring German Feast
Shire of Fendrake Marsh
(Churchill Lyon Counties, NV)
March 15, 2014
12:Noon to Midnight

The Shire of Fendrake Marsh welcomes all to our Spring German Feast as we welcome the coming of the warmer months with Feasting and Revelry.  The feast is being prepared under the supervision of Eithne ingen Gille Challíne from actual period recipes and it will be served by Toirdhealbhach Mor mac Gille Mhuire and his able staff. 

Masonic Lodge (Churchill #26)
39 South Maine Street
Fallon, NV

Walkway1Welcome to the Shire of Fendrake Marsh. The Shire of Fendrake Marsh is the local branch (Churchill and Lyons Counties, NV) of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) (a non-profit educational organization devoted to the study of pre-seventeenth century Western culture). We are located in the Principality of Cynagua within the Kingdom of the West. Geographically, Fendrake Marsh is 60 miles east of the Province of Silver Desert (Reno, Washoe, NV).

Our members come from many walks of life. We share an interest in the history and culture of the Middle Ages and Renaissance and pursue that interest through Experimental Archeology. This is just a fancy way of saying we attempt to duplicate the many Arts and Sciences of hundreds of years ago.

We study combat techniques, arts and crafts, social structures and dress of the period. This include:

  • Heavy weapons, Rapier, Archery
  • spinning, weaving, dyeing
  • tailoring, embroidery
  • culinary arts
  • brewing
  • heraldry
  • carpentry, joinery, carving
  • blacksmithing
  • and much more.

We encourage a hands on approach to history. This study starts in the library but moves quickly to the forge, needle and tourney field. This website provides a glimpse into our world and resources for our members.

For more information, you may contact our Chatelaine, Eithne ingen Gille Challíne about getting involved with our fair Shire.

The Digital Fendrake Marsh

The Shire of Fendrake Marsh can be found on Facebook. The Group is named “Shire of Fendrake Marsh” and is the Official communication tool for the Shire.